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    Weekly Bulletin, October 30
    Posted on 10/30/2020
    Principal Talbert

    Dunlap Elementary Weekly Bulletin, October 30

    Hello Dunlap Families,

    My father, tall, hardworking, unflinchingly strong and handsome, a painter by trade, was abruptly struck down in a matter of seconds by a rare neurological disorder that left him paralyzed at the age of 56. He was unexpectedly thrust into a life that he had never known. For him, being paralyzed wasn’t just about being confined to a wheelchair; it was unrelentingly hard work – physically, emotionally, and socially. My father, Francis Talbert, became an activist in his own right– fighting with others for the right to have access to public buildings, public transit, designated parking spaces, technical assistance, and other resources, so that he could be part of the community in which he lived. Up until his very last breath, he remained a pillar of strength...a valiant champion for inclusion, social change and creating a society where everyone belonged.

    Like my father, we at Dunlap, are unapologetic in our journey for student achievement, justice and social change. We make sure equity and inclusion are central in all our decision making. Every Wednesday afternoon, our teaching staff participates in professional learning conversations, workshops and trainings to develop collaborative and leadership skills- strengthening our instructional practices in teaching students how to problem solve, communicate, ask questions, think critically and creatively, and to use technology and SeeSaw proficiently. Our goal is to create a school where every student is able to meet their potential based on their individual strengths and needs. We believe each child learns best not through standardized testing or the ‘sit and get’ method…rather each child learns best by being actively and intellectually engaged in the learning.

    On the next page, meet the Dunlap staff. A staff who believes everyone is welcomed and all voices matter – regardless of who you are, what you look like, or where you come from.

    Principal Talbert

    Dunlap Elementary
    Your School.
    Your Child.
    Your Voice.

    Dunlap Staff Directory

    The Dunlap Staff page has been updated with staff job titles and images. Check it out!

    Counselor’s Corner Connection

    Dear Dunlap Families,

    During this time many of us are spending lots of time at home with our families and loved ones. But with all this togetherness, are we actually feeling more connected to one another?

    How do we grow a sense of connection and why is it important? Connection creates a sense of safety and openness.

    We learn who we are by connecting to other people. I just learned that connections change the way our brain grows neurons (cells that transmit information to other cells). Connections influences the way we interpret and respond to the world around us.

    Families are our first relationships. Building that sense of connection in your family, especially with your children is the most important way to foster resilience (the ability to “bounce back” from difficult experiences) in them for the rest of their lives.

    Some Connection Activities Ideas: Board Games, Watching Movies, Cooking, Singing, Dancing, Sewing, Art/Crafts, Talking, Community Service.

    Parents, you know that it doesn’t have to be a perfect day to be a good day. By aiming for one connection activity once or more a week, can strengthen memories and relationships.

    Enjoy, Have Fun, Laugh, Listen, Ask Questions, Share – CONNECT!!!

    Peace to You and Your Love Ones!!

    Constance Hutchinson
    Dunlap School Counselor