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    Weekly Bulletin, December 5
    Posted on 12/10/2020
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    Dunlap Elementary Weekly Bulletin, December 5

    Dear Dunlap Families,

    So far, this has been a year of stretching and growing, moving and shaking here at Dunlap. We started the year off making sure every student had what was needed to start school remotely and we’ve been in motion ever since- non-stop. We are striving to be balanced emotion-ally, socially as well as academically.

    I’m proud to say that Dunlap has taken a firm stand with strong determination to continue celebrating issues pertaining to social justice. This stance is not one for the faint of heart. With this work I’m reminded of the tale ‘Jack and The Bean Stalk’.

    The tale goes something like this…

    There once was a family so down and out that they had to sell the only thing they had of value, the family cow, Milky-White. Milky-White was a milk cow that was no longer able to produce milk to sell at the market and make money for the family and therefore the family no longer had any money coming in.

    So, when their young son, Jack, took their cash-cow to town to sell, he was stopped by a man who offered to give him 5 magical beans in exchange for the cow. Now, Jack was no fool and wasn’t immediately convinced that he should swap his family cow for beans, but after some persuading from the man that the 5 beans would make his family rich, he gave in and took the 5 beans believing that if what the man told him didn’t happen overnight, he could have the cow back.

    You all know the story; the swap took place, one good cow for 5 beans. Does that seem equita-ble? I heard someone say once, fair exchange is no robbery. Here you have a milk cow that could no longer give milk and you have 5 beans that were supposed to be magical. What do you do?

    When Jack returned home, he showed his mother the 5 beans he had gotten in exchange for Milky-White, the cow. His mother in frustration, anger and I believe fear, took the beans and threw them out the window into the garden.

    I want to stop here and say this: sometimes we don’t know what we have in our hands, but we’re ready to throw it away on an emotional trigger. Jack’s mother saw 5 beans of no worth. But Jack believed something magical could come of the 5 beans if they were only planted. Jack took a chance.

    As a community here at Dunlap, we, too, have to know the value of what we have: Head Start, our pre-school, primary and intermediate grades, PTSA, Family Teas, Positive Behavior Supports, After School Programs, our Staff, Families, as well as our Community partners.

    This is what we have and we’re committed to planting and bringing forth a harvest from ‘our garden’. The fruit there-in will help us create a community that grows together as we cultivate our PreK-5 ‘seedlings’. Of course, there are no magical beans that we can plant that will re-place hard work and it certainly won’t happen overnight.

    Jack’s story ended with the family’s situation being improved because of the 5 seeds that grew rich and bountiful crops that could be sold at the market.

    We must remain committed to stepping out, speaking up, taking chances; believing; embracing diversity instead of shunning it, celebrating differences as opposed to overlooking them, sup-porting justice and defying unfairness. In order to grow a bounty of future leaders, rich with knowledge, we must walk this out together...Step by step, grade by grade, hand in hand, voices united, encouraging those on the sidelines to join us. For here at Dunlap, we all belong – ‘united we stand; divided we fall’.

    Principal Talbert

    Our Monday Morning Assembly - 8:30 a.m.

    Every Monday morning at 8:30am we welcome our community to a wonderful week of learning. All are welcomed to join us on TEAMS LIVE with your student’s class. Our Monday Morning Assembly also serves to implement Dunlap’s positive behavior program. The word of the week is introduced and practiced, along with other school highlights. This week’s word is courage. The school, along with Diny the Dolphin, our mascot also reads our Dunlap Pledge:

    Diny the Dolphin

    Dunlap School Pledge
    I show excellence in every way.
    What I think, I can write;
    What I read, I can say.
    I say yes to right.
    I say no to wrong.
    I do my best to get along.
    Respect I’ll give, so respect I’ll earn.
    I know I come to Dunlap to learn.
    Here are things no one can take from me:
    My respect, my responsibility, and my safety
    I do my best to excel every day.
    I show excellence in every way.
    At Dunlap School, We Imagine Greatness!

    Counselor Corner Constance Hutchinson

    Gratitude and Appreciation - Part 1

    Hello COURAGEOUS Dunlap Families. Right now, many of you are busy beyond what you could have imagined before school closures. Or maybe we have too much downtime. Whatever is your situation, one thing that we all share is concern and anxiety about the well-being of loved ones and about the uncertainty of the future.

    In the midst of this enormous shift, it is easy to lose sight of what we are grateful for.

    Gratitude is more than saying “Thank-You.” Gratitude significantly boosts our sense of well-being and gratitude actually lowers our stress and boosts our sense of self-worth. Also, when your family practice gratitude it spreads to other family members, to your friends and gratitude spreads throughout your community.

    Think about trying one of these GRATITUDE soothing Activities:

    Gratitude Jar

    • Take a breath and a moment to notice one small (or big) thing that you are grateful for today.
      • It could be something very simple.
    • Let the appreciation, for whatever it is, sink in.
    • You could write down your thoughts and put it in a gratitude jar, or share it out loud, or just acknowledge to yourself your gratitude.

    Fingertip Breathing with Affirmation

    1. Pick a 4-word phrase as an affirmation. For example, “Peace begins with me,” “I can do this,” “I am so capable.”
    2. Take your thumb and touch it first to the index finger with the first word,
    3. then the middle finger with the second word,
    4. and lastly the thumb to the pinky finger with the last word.
    5. Repeat!

    Now Ask Yourself:

    1. What was meaningful for you about each activity?
    2. How would you include others in these activities?

    Take Care and Be Safe!

    Constance Hutchinson
    Dunlap School Counselor

    Dunlap Library Curbside Checkout and P.E. Equipment (Ball) Pickup 

    Library Curbside Checkout

    P.E. Equipment (Ball) Pickup