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    Weekly Bulletin, October 10
    Posted on 10/13/2020
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    Dunlap Elementary Weekly Bulletin, October 10

    Virtual PreK - 5th Grade Curriculum Night

    When: Wednesday, October 14 at 6 p.m.

    Hello Dunlap Families!

    We are so excited about having our very first Virtual Curriculum Night for all PreK – 5th grade families. On Wednesday, October 14th, you will receive a TEAMS LINK for the ALL SCHOOL MEETING that will start at 6 p.m. After the All School Meeting, you will use the same Classroom Link you and your student have been using since September to meet with your child’s teacher.

    • 6 - 6:30 p.m. – All SCHOOL MEETING (You will receive a TEAMS Link by email on Wednesday)
    • 6:30 - 7 p.m. – PreK - 5th Grade (Visit your child’s classroom using the Classroom Link you have been using since September)
    • 7 - 7:30 p.m. – PreK - 5th Grade (This time is being offered if you have a child in more than one grade. You can connect with the other teacher).

    Principal TalbertThis is an evening to meet Dunlap Staff, ask questions, learn more about the grade level curriculum that will be covered throughout the year, expectations and how your student will be assessed to determine progress. In November, during Parent-Teacher Conferences, you will have an opportunity to engage in a deeper communication with teachers regarding your student’s teaching and learning program.

    Please - don’t wait until Parent – Teacher Conferences to provide us with a list of your concerns. Waiting months to share your concerns will only lead to negative feelings. Often, a quick phone conversation, Teams meeting or e-mail will answer your questions and put your mind at ease. At Dunlap Elementary, we are committed to communicating with families through-out the year to support your students.

    We are very proud of our school. We view family engagement as one of the most important pathways to equity, social justice and educational access for students…A pathway built on the belief that every child can be taught, where every parent is as an educational partner and everyone in the school community is committed to academic excellence!

    We look forward to seeing you Wednesday Night at 6 p.m. We want this to be a positive and rewarding experience for everyone. We are Dunlap Proud!

    Principal Talbert

    Counselor Corner, Constance Hutchinson

    How to talk to your children about RACISM

    Counselor Constance HutchinsonHello Dunlap Families. Have you talked to your children about race (ethnicities, culture) and racism? They’re never too young, and an ongoing dialogue about race and racism is a really good idea because children need adults to help them develop respect and acceptance of others. This is also a time to teach your children ways to combat racism and prejudice. But to do so, you may have to first share that some people get treated unfairly based on their skin color, culture and or religion. Not talking about race and racism may send the message to your children that this is a taboo topic, no matter what their age.

    But how do you start the conversation? Read on for ways to broach the subject with your child.

    Babies and Toddlers – Show them picture books and let them watch TV Shows and Movies that celebrate all types of children. Include examples of all types of children doing everyday things so that they won’t see difference as exotic. Role-Model interracial interactions and actively seek out diverse playgroups. Also be ready to answer questions in a way that celebrates differences.

    Preschoolers – At around age three, children start to use race, among other things, to make decisions about who to play with. They do so thanks to biases they’ve unconsciously developed, or they reason that people who look like them are more like them. Children may also make hurtful statements (such as skin color) that parents will need to be prepared to respond to. Be careful about passing on your own biases and prejudices before your children even understand the concept of racism.

    School-Age Children (Elementary) – When children start school, their circle of exposure widens, which means that they may need more explicit guidance about race and racism. They are already getting subtle, unspoken messages from TV, social media, politicians, etc. about who has power and who is valued. Teaching your children to be critical readers and viewers is a great start.

    Wonderful Resources to help you engage in this important conversation with your children:

    Peace to you and your love ones,

    Constance Hutchinson
    Dunlap School Counselor
    206-252-7000 / 206-252-7012

    Rogers J. Greene (Mr. Greene), Family Support Worker

    Mr. GreeneAs a Family Support Worker with Seattle Public Schools at Dunlap Elementary I’m strategically involved in student’s academic and social/emotional success as well as connecting families with community resources. Here’s a snapshot of several ways I serve students and families at Dunlap:

    • Working together with school staff, parents and community members to improve students’ academic achievement
    • Providing case management and wrap around service delivery between student, family, school staff, and community organizations.
    • Providing access to basic needs supports such as food, clothing, housing resources, utilities assistance
    • Making home visits to discuss the child’s social, emotional and academic progress
    • Providing access to tutoring, mentoring and after school programs
    • Working with students and families to support attendance
    • Connecting non-English speaking families with translators and interpreters
    • Coordinating relief efforts for students and families in crisis situations
    • Serve as Building “Point of Contact” for our Family Support Program and as McKenny-Vento Liaison

    For Staff and Families:

    Rogers J. Greene (Mr. Greene)
    Mobile Office: 206-514-1282 (Text Available)
    Hours: 8:30-4:30 Daily

    Don’t Forget

    Dunlap Library Curbside Checkout and Book Swap!Librarian Ms. Ellingsen

    When: Mondays and Tuesdays 2:30 - 4 p.m. 
    Where: Curbside Pick-up Dunlap School
    Questions: Contact Ms. Ellingsen, Librarian


    Instrumental Music Teacher Ms. Reynolds

    Pick up your instrument from school!

    They are waiting for you!

    When: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
    Questions: Ms. Reynolds, Instrumental Music Teacher

    Black Lives Matter T-shirt Design Contest

    • Design the front of the t-shirt
    • Black and white designs only (no color)
    • Only current Dunlap Elementary students are eligible to enter the contest

    Winning design will be printed and sold to staff and community! The artist will receive their designed t-shirt for free!

    Submit designs to your teacher from now until Monday, October 26 or drop off you design at Dunlap from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m., Monday - Friday.