Dunlap Elementary


Family Support and Nutrition Services

Family Support and Nutrition Services at Dunlap

Family Support Services

Family Support Worker – Rogers Greene – 206-252-7023

The Family Support Worker strives to inspire and motivate Seattle Public School children and families to succeed academically. We advocate, facilitate access to supplementary academic resources and provide support to help families overcome social, emotional and physical barriers that may hinder student academic progress. My commitment and collaboration with other professionals, parents, educators and community members help to link students and families to the much needed community and school resources.

Nutrition Services

Lunchroom Manager – Ernese McQueen – 206-252-7033

Application forms for free or reduced meals are sent to families before the school year begins. If you have not received an application or your circumstances have changed and you believe you might qualify please go to the Culinary Services website and there will be more information for you there.

Students will be given a Personal Identification Number (PIN #). The PIN # is used when students purchase their meals. Cash and/or checks made out to the Seattle School District can be given to the lunchroom supervisor or classroom teacher. Students will not be allowed to charge their breakfast or lunch purchases. All meals must be paid for at the time of purchase or pre-paid in advance. Meals can also be paid for with a credit card online or by phone using PayPams.

Note : PayPams require the student’s Student ID number or meal account pin number (provided by the school). The Student ID number can be found on report cards or by accessing The Source. PayPams charges users a payment transaction of $ 1.95 per student for each transaction.

Full Price -Student Full Price- Adult Milk/Juice Only
Breakfast Free $ 2.75 $ 0.50
Lunch $ 2.75 $ 4.00 $ 0.50